St Joseph's Catholic Church

Bishop Thornton, Harrogate

A Constant People

A bicentennial history of St. Joseph's Parish, Bishop ThorntonA bicentennial history of St. Joseph’s Parish, Bishop Thornton
John T. Dunne

Published by St. Joseph’s Parish Bishop Thornton in association with Leeds Diocesan Archives 2009

© Text of Parish History copyright Rev. Mgr. John T. Dunne 2009. The moral rights of the author have been asserted.


First of all I must thank Fr. Patrick Waldron, Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s, for his warm hospitality and help in finding any parochial records that might be useful in compiling this history. As always the Leeds Diocesan Archivist, Mr. Robert Finnigan, has been more than patient in aiding my researches in the Diocesan Archives. He has also acted as one of my Readers, with Mgr. Bernard Doyle and Fr. G. Hargreaves. Together they made many useful suggestions and pointed out not a few typing errors. My colleague, the late Mgr. George Bradley, showed his usual generosity in making available to me his wide-ranging knowledge of Yorkshire recusant history. When any question involving Canon Law arose Mgr. Basil Loftus provided help and elucidation. Finally, in the production stages of this booklet, Mr. Tony Flanagan of Flanagan Associates has provided generous professional help and advice. To all of these I am greatly indebted and acknowledge their help with much gratitude.

Mgr. John T. Dunne

Mgr. John T. Dunne