Today is the feast of the Trinity.  The doctrine of the Trinity tells us something about God, that he is three persons so closely united in love that they are one. So we can say God is love.  There are all sorts of other things we might want to know about God, what does he look like, where is he, what does he do all day.  But we can`t know these things, they don`t really make sense in relation to God.  We live in his creation, and maybe to a limited extent we can find something of him in his creation. This is disputed but as Catholics we believe it is true.  But we still have to be careful, we can`t sum God up in a formula:  God is three and God is one.  We need to be careful in thinking we can explain God. We tend to explain things in terms of our own experience and our own experience is limited; God is not limited, he infinitely transcends us, but he does reveal himself to us.

Doctrines are very important; they help us to have some inkling of God, but because God loves us, because his very nature is love we can know the fullness of God`s presence.

Kind Regards.

Fr Maurice