On Sunday 29th March 2020, the Re-dedication will take place throughout the country. It is a prayer that can take place anywhere and indeed anytime. We invite you to take part in the Rededication wherever you are. It will be led by our Bishops and priests across the country through the internet. Check your Diocesan and parish websites for timings so that you can be united with our Bishops and priests in prayer at this time.

The Rededication is a timely moment. In the midst of much current turmoil and fear – when so many are “greatly troubled” or afraid – we once again turn to the one that God called Mother, seeking her guidance and protection.

Further information and prayers can be found at https://www.walsingham.org.uk/event/dowry-rededication/

You can read the Rededication Letter from Pope Francis to Cardinal Vincent Nichols here