This year’s pilgrimage from Leeds to Ripon will be on 09 and 10 October 2020. The pilgrims will walk from Knaresborough via Ripley to Bishop Thornton to attend Angelus & Rosary or Mass at Noon at St Joseph’s on Saturday 10 October. They will later walk from Bishop Thornton to Ripon, for a 5.30pm Mass at St Wilfrid’s. Parishioners, who book in advance, are welcome to attend the Mass and to join in some or all of the walking. For a brief overview of the journey as planned in the current circumstances, see St Wilfrid’s Way 2020. Please note that there may need to be further modifications to the route and to the Masses and Devotions.

The Covid-safety guidance limits the number of walkers to 30 at any one time and requires you to BOOK IN ADVANCE which parts of the Pilgrimage you intend to walk and/or which Masses and Devotions you would like to attend. If you are considering taking part in this year’s pilgrimage but have questions about the journey/logistics please do not hesitate to contact Rowan Morton-Gledhill directly via email at who will be happy to provide the answers you need to help in your decision making.