Ours is a small church with a diverse congregation and we have therefore had to apply additional restrictions and apply some restrictions more strictly. None of this is intended to discriminate against anyone but is intended to ensure the safety of all of our parishioners who wish to attend Mass at our church. It is therefore possible that attending Mass at St Joseph’s, Bishop Thornton is not possible for everyone but it needs to be borne in mind that there is currently no obligation to attend Mass on Sundays.

Registration is mandatory – no exceptions, even if there is space. Names and contact details of all those who visit our churches will be required and will be retained for 21 days (for Track and Trace purposes). We will use the Diocesan arranged Eventbrite booking system, initially with 20 places available to book per Mass. There is a button above labelled “REGISTER FOR MASS” to make your desired booking. Please consider coming to Mass on a Thursday if you do not have other commitments during the week.

Lots more information about how and when to book and what to expect when you do attend Mass can be found here. Please read before you come to church.
Attending Mass at St Joseph’s, Bishop Thornton