Please read the  PASTORAL LETTER FOR DAY OF PRAYER FOR PRISONERS AND THEIR FAMILIES from Bishop Marcus about prisoners. The following prayers are also suggested:

For families of prisoners: We pray for those loved ones who serve a hidden sentence as a result of the shame associated with having a family member imprisoned. In times of darkness we pray they are able go beyond the bonds of societal stigma and maintain positive relationships with their loved ones.

For those who work in the criminal justice system: Let us pray for those who work throughout the criminal justice system. May they continue to go beyond in their work towards creating a safer society and promote justice and mercy on the road to rehabilitation.

For victims of crime: May they be supported to go beyond their victimhood and find comfort in God’s love. Teach us to be mindful of the impact of our actions on others. Lead us and heal us in your journey to new life and hope.

For prisoners: We pray for those who are prisoners. Through reflection and understanding, may they be able to go beyond their sentence and see hope for a future without crime. Let us follow Christ’s message and reach out so that his presence be known by those who seek him.