Very early on in the Coronavirus pandemic, journalists and newspaper publishers and distributors were designated as ‘key workers’ by the UK Government. The World Health Organisation confirmed that newspapers remain safe to read, as the printing and wrapping process is sterile, and delivery is by professional, risk-assessed services – and so newspapers are a lifeline, especially for those people who do not have access to the internet.

With strong links in our own Diocese and beyond, the Catholic Universe is one of these key providers. For 160 years, the Universe has been bringing a weekly Catholic perspective on important religious matters, news, features and current affairs across the wider world as well as from around our own parishes across the Diocese of Leeds.

The Catholic Universe may be contacted by telephone directly on 0161 820 5722. For those who are online, a year’s subscription to the digital edition makes a cost-effective Christmas present. To subscribe to either the print or the digital versions of the paper, please visit: