Remember also that the word of God is sacramental, in a period when you cannot receive the eucharist, how about reading the Word of God, Acts and St.Paul in particular?

Last week I mentioned that the first readings during this season are from The Acts of the Apostles.  In today`s reading (Acts 8:5-8.14-17)  Philip goes to a Samaritan town and converts the people there, how does he do this?  Then Peter and John follow.

What got them out of Jerusalem?  Since you`ve all been reading Acts, you`ll know it was persecution.  Do you believe this?  Some of the apostles stay in Jerusalem. James, the brother of the Lord (according to St.Paul) stays in Jerusalem until his death in 62AD, so he stayed in Jerusalem for about 30 years.  James was killed at the behest of the high priest, but other citizens of Jerusalem (not part of the Jesus movement) so disapproved of this that the high priest lost his job.

Ask yourselves, how much persecution was there in Jerusalem during the 40 years between the Resurrection and the destruction of Jerusalem.  Ask yourselves why was Jesus killed in Jerusalem but not his followers.  Can you find answers in The Acts of the Apostles.  Remember it was written after the destruction of Jerusalem.  The only documents we have written before this are the letters of St.Paul.