This Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of Ordinary time. Ordinary time and the high feasts mingle throughout the year; they go together, they don`t separate.  The high feasts help us to take off; Ordinary time prevents us from floating away.

In the gospel Jesus calls the fishermen. He says to them – follow me and I will make you into fishers of men.  They drop their nets on the sea shore and walk behind him, but they don`t stop being fishermen.  They gradually become fishers of men, but they still go fishing even after the resurrection.

The gospels must mention every occupation/profession that existed at the time: farmers, builders, lawyers, doctors, vineyard workers, soldiers, priests, tax collectors, prostitutes etc. etc.  Jesus himself was a carpenter He died nailed to two pieces of hewn wood.  The cross and the resurrection can`t be separated.  Jesus calls us, like he did the fishermen,  out of our personal Galilees, out of our marginalised existences to walk behind him. Often this means we stop struggling and stay precisely where we are.