Over recent Sundays the theme of the gospels has been the eucharist (the feast of the Assumption last Sunday was the exception).  The gospels have been telling us that through the eucharist, through receiving holy communion we form a very close bond with Jesus.  The bond for some people in today`s gospel is too close and they stop following Jesus; they have their own lives to live.  This is a decision they make, and today`s gospel is about decision making.  Jesus asks the 12 if they want to go away too, and Peter says where would they go; Jesus has the words of eternal life.

What about us?  In our country many people have stopped following Jesus.  I think one of the reasons for this is that it has got harder to be a Catholic and a respectable member of society.  Jesus tells us in the gospel that the spirit offers us life while the flesh has nothing to offer. I think with our society it is the other way round.  Each time we go to holy communion should be an occasion for renewing our commitment to Jesus and all that this means.  We could instead make a commitment to society and all that that means.  But we can no longer make a commitment to both at the same time.