Supposing a meteor hit the earth and reduced the world`s population to just two: a young man and a young woman.  Supposing he was a Catholic and she was a Nihilist, he would have to persuade her that together they would have to promote the continuance of human life.  For him as a Catholic this would mean baptisms and ordinations to the priesthood to enable the celebration of the Eucharist which means taking some bread and wine and turning it into the body and blood of Christ.

Today is the Solemnity of Corpus Christi; many of you will watch mass on a T.V. or computer and will not be able to receive holy communion.  As Catholics we have always said the bread and wine are not just symbols of Christ`s body and blood, but they actually become Christ`s body and blood, and through receiving holy communion we come into contact with Christ, with God.  We need to go on being faithful to the Mass and what it is. For many of you, this means getting back to going to Mass when it is safe to do so.  Let`s pray that this is now near.

Kind Regards.

Fr Maurice