We have a very limited understanding of God. Some theologians have said we can only know about God through what he has revealed to us.  Other theologians have said we can intuit some things about God from our own experience, from our lives in the world in which we live.  The trouble is we don`t know very much about our lives in this world: if God didn`t create this world how did it get here, what is time, what is human consciousness, why do things happen the way they happen?  The truth is, our ability to figure these things out is very limited.

Our lack of knowing may make us feel if there is a God he is very far away from us, yet in recent gospels at Mass we have listened to Jesus saying things to us like “remain in my love” and  “I will come and make my home in you”.  Thursday is the feast of the Ascension, the risen Jesus left his disciples and went back to the Father, wherever the Father is, but he told them in doing this he was coming closer to them.  For some reason’ God loves us and wants to be deeply involved with us.  He also wants us to love one another, just as he loves us.  It takes great faith to believe this, but having this faith gives us a direction. It means we are on a journey into the heart of love.  I think if we know little else, this is supremely worth knowing.

 Kind Regards
Fr Maurice