We are nearing the end of Eastertide; last Thursday was the feast of the Ascension and next Sunday is the feast of Pentecost.  Jesus had to go away so that he could come closer than ever to his disciples, to us in the form of the Holy Spirit.  Let`s pray for the guidance of the Spirit as we emerge from the pandemic into ordinary life.

Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet, but I`m sure the vaccination process is making us feel a lot more confident that we will get there.  From this Sunday we will get back to saying mass as we did before Covid, you will make the responses without raising your voices, we`ll have all the readings, bidding prayers, homily. However, for the time being we will continue to social distance, wear masks, sanitize our hands, and book to come to mass.  The bishops have not said anything yet about how and when these things will change, I think there is a big not knowing factor at the moment which is unsettling for people. We have to be patient.  When I hear something from the bishop, I will let you know.

Kind Regards.

Fr Maurice