The most recent lockdown has had me asking more than ever how much staying in can I take?  The snow has answered the question for me, if you can`t get out you`ve got to stay in; the thought of the car getting stuck or breaking a leg makes staying in imperative  We are being asked to lockdown a little bit more  than we were before.

We are being allowed to continue opening for Mass. Plenty of people outside the Church think this is wrong.  We must be careful; we come to Mass now purely for the sake of coming to Mass. This means we come and go without there being very much conversation before or after Mass.

The gospel is John`s version of the calling of the first disciples.  Jesus looks hard at Simon Peter.  What does Jesus see when he looks hard at us.  Peter had to change a lot before he could take the gospel to the world.  Do we take the gospel to the world?