“Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments”…begins Shakespeare`s sonnet 116, but then goes on to point out the strong possibility of impediments.  Perhaps it`s a good thing we don`t know what other people are really thinking; perhaps it`s just as well they don`t know what we are thinking.   The only marriage of true minds I can think of is the Trinity; three persons who love each other so much they are one.  The three persons in the Trinity don`t just love each other, they know each other.  Is it such a bad thing that we can keep hidden from people what is going on in our minds.  In one sense it isn`t, it keeps the peace, but, in another sense it is, it prevents the growth of love between people.

In today`s gospel Jesus again tells us he is the Bread of Life and he feeds us with himself, and he is himself love. You could say we are fed on love by love.  Our growth in love is a slow process, but if we consciously receive holy communion as love, we will grow in love.