It`s 10.48am Friday, an hour and 20 minutes ago I got my second vaccination.  This momentous event took place at the Village Hotel, Upper Headingly, Leeds.  I was expecting a queue and the process to take 45 minutes or so, but no queue and the process took about 3 minutes.  The doctor who jabbed me told me it would give me 90% to 95% protection.  It feels to me something of a resurrection experience. It has brought home more vividly to me than anything else the prospect of returning soon to something like normal life.  I`m sure that many of you have had the same experience.

Some people have asked me what will be happening as regards the Church when we reach 21 June.  The answer is I don`t know, but I`m sure it is something the bishops are talking about among themselves; I imagine it will be much nearer the time before they will be able to make firm decisions and communicate them to us.  I am sure they will take into account the difficulties many of us will have getting back to normal life and there will be no rush to do anything.

We are still in Eastertide; we are still celebrating the resurrection. Let`s be mindful God brings us through difficulties into safety, brings us even through death into eternity.  But, meanwhile, let`s pray that vaccines will rescue the whole world from Covid.

Kind Regards.

Fr Maurice