In today’s gospel Jesus says “What is the Kingdom of God like, what parable can we find for it.” Jesus never describes the Kingdom of God; when he says what is the Kingdom of God like, he means what can it be compared to. In today’s gospel he compares it to tiny seeds. This is surprising; you would surely expect him to compare it to something much more exotic. Throwing seeds on the ground which eventually grow and become wheat which is harvested and made into bread is literally very down to earth, and a process which occurs year by year. At first sight it’s not very exotic, but if you look again, surely it is. It’s the process by which we feed ourselves, and the growth into wheat of the sown seed is a marvel. No doubt science today knows how to explain it, but it didn’t back in Jesus’s time. We tend to think today that scientific explanations of nature have removed what people once thought was miraculous, but science can’t explain how nature came into existence and that seems to me to be miraculous. The sort of everyday things Jesus uses in his parables point beyond themselves to the Kingdom of God. What is the Kingdom of God like, it’s unlike anything we are familiar with. It’s beyond what language can express, but these things can point beyond themselves, and we can see beyond them if we know how to look.

Kind Regards.

Fr Maurice