It all started with such optimism: Jesus being welcomed by the crowds into Jerusalem, or was it just his own who came with him and strewed palms before him and the donkey he was riding.  He knew he`d come to be crucified not crowned.  The events of that week unfolded, he was betrayed during the final meal he shared with his friends by one of them.  He sweated blood agonising over surrendering to his Father`s will which meant death on the cross, while his friends fell asleep.  Then the trial and sentence, and finally the agony of the cross, and the yielding up of his spirit.

Maybe we were once optimistic, but things have not worked out like that.  Jesus invites us to follow him on the way of the cross.  He asks us to surrender our lives to the will of his Father, but promises to be with us especially when the way is hard.  But what seems the end of the way is not the end but a new beginning.

Let`s abide with Jesus as this ceremonial week unfolds; let`s watch and pray with him, knowing he always watches and prays over us.