St. Joseph`s will re-open for Mass next Sunday 7 March.  We will be subject to the same restrictions as previously undertaken during the pandemic.  I suggested in last week`s Bulletin that this was going to be a good way forward and asked for comment from you. I`ve received very little, but one person is enthusiastic.  I can only say if you still don`t feel safe coming to Mass at St. Joseph`s, don`t come. Only come when you are ready.

I am hoping now that we will re-open next week with Masses on Sundays and Thursdays, and from there things will gradually get back to normal.  What will enable this is the vaccine.  The Church is encouraging us to encourage you, when you have the opportunity to be vaccinated. Do think carefully about it.

We are in the holy season of Lent. It`s a time for penance and generosity to the poor, keep Cafod in mind by sending them some money.

We will look at Holy Week and Easter a bit later on.