It must be very irksome being thrown out of the pub at 10.00pm; I hope you are all bearing it with patience.  I get round it by drinking too much at home, but I make it a  rule to be in bed by 10.00pm.  Things are not looking too good with restrictions increasing rather than decreasing; the future now seems more uncertain than ever.  Still, a few of you are managing to get to Mass, some regularly, and some from time to time. The coming months are probably going to be worse than we thought they were not so long ago. Christmas probably won`t be the celebration it usually is. In some ways that might not be a bad thing.  We must all go on praying that a cure is close at hand.

Perhaps we should also be reflecting on what the virus is telling us about us as a society.  In Marilynne Robinson`s novel Gilead, the Rev. John Ames thinks back from the 1950`s to the time of the Spanish flu during the 1st World War. It killed many young soldiers, and Ames feels that God was stopping these young men killing other young men. Today we seem to want to be seen as good when what we really are is greedy. I wonder if God wants us to take a look at that.