This Sunday we begin public Masses again. Let`s pray that all goes well, that everyone gets the hang of the process of registering for Mass and that before too long we are back to normal again.

In 2009, the American novelist Marilynne Robinson published a novel called Gilead. She followed it with two more novels, Home and Lila.  The novels are set in a small town in Iowa called Gilead and they are a prodigal son story. The prodigal son in the story is a character called Jack Boughton and at the end of September Robinson is bringing out a fourth novel called Jack. The novels were highly praised by the Critics; they are asking the question – Does Christianity have anything to offer the world today?

I would like us, when we can, to come together and look at two of these novels, Gilead and Jack.  If you would be interested, you need to get hold of a copy of Gilead and start reading.  I think  that, in terms of literature with a religious theme, they are the best that is on offer today.