I have arranged for the Diocesan Health and Safety Officer to visit the church on Thursday 6 August.  I am hoping that he will agree to our opening up for Mass in the near future.  If he does agree, he will tell us how many people will be able to come to each Mass; the number will be quite small. He will also work out a one way system for people entering the church, being in the church for the duration of Mass, and leaving the church at the end of Mass.  In addition to this he will want to be sure we are able to supply stewards to supervise this at every Mass said, and cleaners to clean the church after every Mass.

As you all know you have to register to go to Mass, and you can register as an individual or as a family (a family counts as an individual as they can be together in one bench).  So if we do get the go ahead, a system will be put in place for you to register to go to Mass.  Just to remind you again not a lot of people will be able to go to any given Mass, but hopefully there will be several Masses a week.  Also to remind you there is still no obligation to go to Sunday Mass, I should think it will be some time before it is re-imposed.

Let`s all pray that something will start happening for us soon.