Last week-end I said Masses at St.Aelred`s, to help out in Harrogate, as the Dean wasn`t so well.  I am now pleased to say that he is well enough to return to his duties.

As you will all know by now we do not satisfy health and safety requirements to enable social distancing and therefore the attendance of Public Masses in our churches in Pateley and Bishop Thornton is not yet possible.

Last week, when I said the Masses at St. Aelred`s in Harrogate seven people had registered for the Saturday evening Mass, and about twenty two for the Sunday morning Mass. I understand that twenty is the maximum allowed. I am not sure if all who registered were accommodated. It will be a few weeks or more before we know what may change in the future.

Today`s gospel is about parables.  Jesus himself is the ultimate parable.  Why?