You probably think from listening to the media that Masses are re-starting at some churches this week-end. I think is more likely to be next week-end because most parishes will need a bit more time to get ready to re-start.  Information about how to do this was only received by the clergy last Tuesday.  Something we need to take on board in relation to all this is a set number of people will be allowed to attend any Mass; also the number of people will be quite small compared to the number of people who were attending Mass before the lockdown.  People will have to register to go to a particular Mass; this will be done by emailing or telephoning the particular parish.  We have no idea at this stage what the response to this will be.  It will maybe take two or three weeks to see what is happening.

Meanwhile, we remain closed. How long for is another one of those unknowns.  Hopefully, another couple of months will make things clearer.  Let`s continue to pray for each other