As you will all know by now there will be churches opening for Mass next week-end. I am afraid this will not include us.  We still do not satisfy health and safety requirements to enable social distancing.  The most obvious way we do not satisfy these requirements is that the church is too small.

Churches that do meet the above requirements will receive published guidance from the Diocese on Tuesday on how to proceed with celebrating Mass next week-end.  Unfortunately, it seems to be every parish for itself; maybe it can only be this way and parishes which are opening for Mass will have a hard time putting arrangements in place.  But it means that we continue as we are maybe, for some time to come.

For the time being the church and presbytery continues to be out of bounds.  But change may come with little warning, and it may mean a quick meeting to put arrangements in place.  Sorry I can`t be more definite about anything. I will let you know as soon as I know anything different.

I continue to say Mass every morning at 9.30am, perhaps if you think on, we could all pray for each other at this time each day.