The gospel this Sunday is the parable of the king who invites people to his son`s wedding feast.  People make excuses not to go.  As a result the king invites more and more people to the wedding feast.  God invites us to live in his kingdom at the end of time; do we take the invitation seriously.  It`s easy to say yes I am coming, but at the moment there are all sorts of other things I am focused on. In other words I am too busy to think about the King`s invitation to the wedding feast.  We believe we have an eternal destiny and we can`t just put it aside until after we`ve died or after the world has ended, and meanwhile pursue the wrong things in this life.  We should be striving to make this world resemble God`s kingdom.  There is a fair amount of disarray in the world at the moment; it is something we need to think about and do something about.